Software Engineer ✭


I am an intelligent, consistent, and pleasant programmer with experience delivering modern component-based web applications and the scalable cloud-based APIs that power them. I value code craftsmanship, team building, mentorship, and effective processes. I care about writing elegant maintainable software. I’m seeking opportunities to be challenged and to grow.


Software Engineer at Eleven Software
December 2015 – Current

Modernized various components within Eleven’s flagship product ElevenOS, which processes daily traffic in the tens of thousands. Added integrations to Spreedly Payments API, resulting in PCI compliance and dramatically expanding our available payment processors. Created build and deployment tooling in Node.js to streamline software rollouts to AWS. Was crucial to the onboarding of two of the company’s largest partners, delivering an entirely new CMS application with specialized brand-specific templates to rave reviews. Served as a mentor to junior developers. AWS (S3, EC2, Route53, DynamoDB, API Gateway, Lambda, IAM), MSSQL, InfluxDB, C#, Visual Studio, Python, Javascript, Node.js, Webpack, Gulp.js, Vue.js, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap.

Software Developer at SimB & Company
May 2015 – January 2016

Full-stack development of a CRM web application on an abbreviated timeline. Utilized Docker, Heroku, Postgres, Ruby on Rails, ActiveMailer, RSpec, Javascript, jQuery, Chai.js, Gulp.js, Bootstrap.

Software Developer at EyeCue Lab
September 2014 – May 2015

Full-stack development of a green-field asset tracking web application which included features such as asset expiration, composition of orders, and monthly administrative reporting. Made efficient use of tree data structures, custom JSON serialization, front-end caching, and asynchronous data consumption. Responsible for design and implementation from the JSON REST-ful API up through DOM/CSS of API consumer. Utilized Heroku, Rails-API, RSpec, AngularJS.

Research Scientist at Howard Hughes Medical Institute
September 2007 – December 2014

Development of software tools for manipulating and visualizing genetic sequences. Design/implementation of asset management database system including multi-generational lineage tracking, barcode-based labeling/inventory. I set-up and maintained research facility monitoring systems and served as tech support for all variety of scientific instruments.



Software Development (Ruby, Javascript, Node.js, TDD), 2015

University of Oregon

Bachelor of Science, Molecular Biology with Honors, 2002 - 2006

Independent Coursework, OHSU


Data Structures

Informatics Algorithms

Data Analysis



Helped build a website which provided stories and interactive data visualizations centered around high school and secondary school matriculation/graduation in the State of Oregon. Helped present our project at the demonstration event.


Helped developers from groups traditionally underrepresented in the tech industry set up a Ruby on Rails development environment on their laptops and create their first web applications.


Kevin Schott

Senior Engineer at Eleven Software, (971) 352-1813,

Dan Lulich

Principal at Rare Comet, (503) 819-4548,

Simeon Bateman

Owner/Developer at SimB & Company, (503) 716-8627,

Rick Hou

Founder at Eyecue Labs, (806) 886-3442,

Teresa Nicolson

Principal Investigator at OHSU, (503) 494-2928,